Upcoming Events
Dr. Massieh Moayedi Ph.D.
Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology University College London
“Beyond the pain matrix: elucidating pain mechanisms with structural and functional brain imaging”
October 13, 2015 11:00 a.m.
Lecture Stewart Biology Bldg, Rm. W4/12
Gregory Scherrer, PharmD, PhD
Stanford University
'Neural Circuits and Molecular Mechanisms of Pain Control by Opioids'
October 15, 2015 4:00 p.m.
MGH, Room D14-102
Dr. Mathieu Roy
Department of Psychology Concordia University
“Cerebral mechanisms of pain avoidance learning ”
October 15, 2015 11:00 a.m.
Lecture Stewart Biology Bldg, Rm W4/12
Ribeiro-da-Silva's Lab
November 5, 2015 9:30 a.m.
McIntyre Medical Building - Room 1346
Prof Maxime Descoteaux and Prof Max Felhmann
TED-like talks addressing controversies and breakthroughs in the pain field.
November 6, 2015 8:30 a.m.
Featured Events
16th World Congress on Pain
Sep 26 2016
The World Congress on Pain is the premier conference devoted to pain research and treatment. In 2016, the world’s top researchers and clinicians will meet in Yokohama, just one-half hour outside Tokyo.
About Us

Pain research at McGill University is conducted at the AECRP (Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain). The Centre comprises researchers from the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Science. Its main goal is to bring together the McGill community of basic and clinical pain researchers to promote research that will result in cures for chronic pain. Through activities and international collaborations, the Centre focuses on new discoveries and their clinical applications that will improve the prevention and treatment of chronic pain.

Pain Research at McGill:
What we do and why we do it

Distinguished Career Award
Dr. Fernando Cervero
Congratulations to Dr. Fernando Cervero! Dr. Cervero received the 2015 Distinguished Career Award of the Canadian Pain Society during this year’s annual conference. [link]
Congratulations to the Recipients of the LAEF Grants in Pain Research, PhD Studentships and Fellowships of 2015:
Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation Grants in Chronic Pain Research 2015
Dr. Pablo Ingelmo, Dr. Weiya Ma, Dr. Jean Ouellet, Dr. Philippe Seguela, Dr. Timothy Wideman
Catherine Bushnell Fellowship in Chronic Pain Research 2015
Dr. Mu Yang
Ronald Melzack Fellowship in Chronic Pain Research 2015
Dr. Arjun Muralidharan
Edwards PhD. Studentships in Pain Research 2015
Dr. Oli Abate Fulas, Mr. Lucas Topham, Ms. Maria Zamfir
Featured Papers
Cordeiro Matos S, Zhang Z, Séguéla P. Peripheral Neuropathy Induces HCN Channel Dysfunction in Pyramidal Neurons of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex J. Neurosci 35(38):13244 –13256 (2015) [link]
Alvarado S, Tajerian M, Suderman M, Machnes Z, Pierfelice S, Millecamps M, Stone LS, Szyf M. An epigenetic hypothesis for the genomic memory of pain Front Cell Neurosci Mar 24;9:88 (2015) [link]
Martin L, Hathaway G, Isbester K, Mirali S, Acland E L, Niederstrasser N, Slepian P M, Trost Z, Bartz J A, Sapolsky R M, Sternberg W F, Levitin D J. , Mogil J F. Reducing Social Stress Elicits Emotional Contagion of Pain in Mouse and Human Strangers. Current Biology 25, 1-7 (2015) [link]
New Director for the AECRP
June 2015. Jeff Mogil has been appointed the new director of the AECRP. Our thanks to Fernando for his many years of hard work and our best wishes for his retirement years. [File]
Seeking the Facts on Medical Marijuana
March 2015. The New York Times: An Inerview with Dr. Mark Ware [Link]
Appointment in the field of Pain Research
March 2015. The Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry at McGill University seek a cross-faculty appointment in the field of Pain Research.
Tenure track positions in Pain Research
March 2015. The McGill University Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Science are inviting applications for full-time tenure track positions at the level of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor.
The QNJPI mission is to create a forum for trainees studying in Quebec to foster research collaborations across different areas of expertise by facilitating communication among trainees... [Link]