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Pain research at McGill University is conducted at the AECRP (Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain). The Centre comprises researchers from the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Science. Its main goal is to bring together the McGill community of basic and clinical pain researchers to promote research that will result in cures for chronic pain. Through activities and international collaborations, the Centre focuses on new discoveries and their clinical applications that will improve the prevention and treatment of chronic pain.

Pain Research at McGill:
What we do and why we do it

Basic Science: Tony KY Lim - Best Poster
Nerve Injury Induces Persistent Vascular Dysfunction And Endoneurial Hypoxia: New Insights On An Old Hypothesis Of Neuropathic Pain
Basic Science: Emerson Krock - Best Poster
Toll-Like Receptor2 Activates Nf- Κb Signaling To Increase Nerve Growth Factor In Human Intervertebral Disc Cells
Human/Clinical: Vincent Auclair - Best Poster
Increased Activation Of The Left Insula At Encoding Is Related To Accurate Long Term Memory For Pain
Human/Clinical: Rafik Marouf - 2nd. Prize
Is Temporal Summation Of Pain And Spinal Nociception Altered During Normal Aging?
CIHR - Operating Grant
Ana Míriam Velly, DDS, MS, PhD
"The risk of community-acquired pneumonia among immunosuppressive opioids users" [File]
Featured Papers
Ariel R. Ase, Nicolette S. Honson, Helmi Zaghdane, Tom A. Pfeifer, Philippe Séguéla. Identification and Characterization of a Selective Allosteric Antagonist of Human P2X4 Receptor Channels Mol Pharmacol 87:606–616 (2015) [link]
Alvarado S, Tajerian M, Suderman M, Machnes Z, Pierfelice S, Millecamps M, Stone LS, Szyf M. An epigenetic hypothesis for the genomic memory of pain Front Cell Neurosci Mar 24;9:88 (2015) [link]
Martin L, Hathaway G, Isbester K, Mirali S, Acland E L, Niederstrasser N, Slepian P M, Trost Z, Bartz J A, Sapolsky R M, Sternberg W F, Levitin D J. , Mogil J F. Reducing Social Stress Elicits Emotional Contagion of Pain in Mouse and Human Strangers. Current Biology 25, 1-7 (2015) [link]
Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management Online:
Application deadline June 1st. Courses start in September 2015. [Link]
Seeking the Facts on Medical Marijuana
The New York Times: An Inerview with Dr. Mark Ware. March 23, 2015 [Link]
Appointment in the field of Pain Research
Mar. 2015 The Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry at McGill University seek a cross-faculty appointment in the field of Pain Research. [Link]
Tenure track positions in Pain Research
Mar. 2015 The McGill University Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Science are inviting applications for full-time tenure track positions at the level of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor. [Link]
Understanding And Talking About Pain Is Not Easy
Jul. 2014 Huffington Post - Interview with Dr. Fernando Cervero [Link]
Gary Bennett named IASP Honorary Member:
Aug. 2014 Congratulations to Gary on being named one of six new Honorary Members. Recognized before the IASP General Assembly of the 15th World Congress on Pain in October in Buenos Aires. [Link]
IASP Distinguished Lectures
Sep. 2014 The Ronald Mezack Lecture at the 15th. World Congress in Pain in Argentina was presented by Dr. David Yarnitsky. The award was funded by the Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation. [Link]